We threw a few questions at Thing Thing's Drew Gregory to found out about the brand's coming Spring 17 Collection as well as the ins and outs of the designer lifestyle.

Tessa: Hey Drew! How are you? Bet things are starting to heat up over there with the new season about to roll in. Any recent developments or events coming up at Thing Thing headquarters?

Drew: Hi Tess, yeah our Spring range "Hard Lines" drops in August so definitely heating up. We're into development of our Winter 18 range right now at HQ. I’ve just come off a trip to Vancouver and our womenswear designer Kat is currently in New York so we've been taking in some international R & D.

T: Sounds like the team is a bit under the pump. Looking forward to the new range coming through! Can you describe the mood/vibe of “Hard Lines”? Also what are your favourite pieces from the new collection?

D: The range has a bit of 90's vibe to it with the styling and the palette leaning to the warmer side (crimson reds show up a lot). Lines and stripes is also a theme in the range which is how we came up with the name "Hard Lines". They’re featured across the range from the prints in our rayon, linen, and jersey stories through the side seam taping of our pants. My favourite pieces in the range would have to be the retro vibe RFA Jacket and the Red Lines print in the Follow Top / Zippy Culotte combo.


T: Looks like a cool mix! Loads of next level Spring outfits in there for sure. I might just have to purchase that Top / Culotte combo, heh. It sounds like you and the design crew do a fair bit of travel for research this time of year. What’s something else most people don’t know about your role?

D: Being a small team all of our roles are pretty varied. I oversee all aspects of the business but I spend as much time on the creative as possible. My main focus is on menswear design but I’m also handling the graphics and photography for the brand as well. I work closely with Kat Parker on range build who also has a pretty diverse role. She’s smashing it with our womenswear design and also manages production with our factories. Then Paul is handling financial and operations side and we’ve just hired Lydia who’s taking on sales and workroom assist.

T: Yeah Kat is killing it with the womenswear! I guess the great thing about working with a small team is you get pretty tight, and your crew sounds real solid. What do you and the gang get up to when you’re not designing?

D: Well it’s winter now so my focus outside of work will be to get down to the mountain as much as I can. Kat’s more into beach life so she’s in her element chasing the sun in Northern Hem right now. Actually, both Kat and Paul have roots in Mt. Maunganui so they’re often down near Thanks HQ in their spare time. Such a rad place.

T: Nice! Yeah its pretty sweet. We’re all hoping its gonna be another cracker summer down here in the Bay. Did Thing Thing originate there in the big city? Talk us through Thing Thing. Where did the initial spark come from? How did it all come about?

D: Yeah Thing Thing started here in Auckland in 2012. Dan Buckley and I knew each other from our past lives in the streetwear industry and we joined forces to start something new. We made a few ripples… kicked a few goals. We soon brought Kat on to design womenswear who’s been a big part in helping to shape the brands aesthetic. Last year Dan made a move with his family to get out of the big smoke and down to your neck of the woods. So he’s building a few things of his own down in the Mount. We’re forging on up here with a pretty solid team now and some great ranges ahead.

T: Well we’re super stoked you guys decided to take the plunge! Looking forward to many more ranges hitting the shelves. Over the years we've seen Thing Thing experiment with various fabrics and technologies that have a sporty edge- is sportswear something the brand would ever consider branching into in the future?

D: We’ve always had some element of sportswear in the mix. Up until now we’ve added a few touches of sport if it compliments the range that we’re building. We don’t have any major plans as of yet to create a dedicated sport range but wouldn’t rule out a capsule of some sort. I can see our mates there at Lower are doing a pretty solid job in the sports realm.

T: Yeah its cool to see from our mates there for sure! Some of their team have been at it for a while now. You've been in the game for a bit. What are some tidbits of advice or inspiration you can pass on to young fashion designers?

D: In terms of advice I’d say definitely try to surround yourself with as many talented people as possible. Especially early in your career. Also try to draw inspiration from sources outside of fashion. Having good design skill, knowledge, etc is fundamental but usually it's the interests that you have beyond fashion that add an edge to your work. Be a sponge. Absorb as much as possible.

T: Cheers Drew! Thanks so much for your time and good luck with everything!

D: Thanks Tessa!!!