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Odd Pears celebrates odd socks, life, colour, creativity and design. It's inevitable that you're going to lose a few socks in life (even though you swear you washed that pair together, somehow one mysteriously vanished and you were left with one lonely sock and one confused mind). This is wear Odd Pears comes in, providing you with an extra sock - just in case you lose one, or if you're just feeling a little fruitier that day.

"PEAR" - noun

1. a delicious, bottom-heavy fruit. ((not our Pear)nothing to do with odd socks)

2. a grouping of three socks; two that match and one that is slightly (inversely) odd™. (our Pear)

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Odd Pears

Pinzal Socks - Two Navy Top Socks/One Checker Top Sock

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